Blank pages and new beginnings

As a kid, I would be so excited to receive a new journal that I was tempted to abandon the old, half-written one I already had in progress. I’m almost certain that somewhere in my parents’ attic is a box full of half-filled journals in my swirly handwriting, with unicorns and peacocks on the covers, each one cast aside because of my desire to start over new. A blank page feels like a fresh beginning. Which is precisely how I feel beginning this blog, a journal of sorts of the fresh commitment my husband and I are making to change our lives in a radical and beautiful way: paring down our possessions, reducing our consumption, and leaving ourselves more time to spend together and with friends, doing the things that we love. Some of the ways in which we are doing this include embracing a “car-lite” lifestyle, eating local food and supporting our community farmer’s market as much as possible, and reducing our consumption of nonrenewable goods.

My hope with this blog is to share our adventure with friends and family, and maybe encourage others who are interested in changing their own lives for the simpler. I’ve seen a number of blogs kept by people living this sort of life, but many of them started blogging well after making a commitment to living more simply. Here are our efforts from day 1, starting with paring down our stuff and changing our patterns of consumption, and all of the wonderful help and resources we’ve found along the way.


One thought on “Blank pages and new beginnings

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