The big purge begins

When I was in college, I got a pixie cut. It felt like time for a change, so I got one of my dormmates to cut off all of my long, long hair. I thought I might miss it, but I was wrong. I felt so light, so free. My daily routine was easier, because I didn’t have all that hair to wash and brush and dry. It was the greatest feeling…kind of like today.

Inspired by my last post, and how good it felt to pare down, I filled the table up again. And again. Our cat got curious about midway through and came over to check out the table. She’s not part of the purge. Whether having pets is simple living or not, ours are here to stay: they influence our quality of life in much more positive ways than our inanimate stuff! But I pulled so much stuff out of drawers and bookshelves and cabinets that I ran out of space in my little Honda for my thrift store donations. Given our efforts to go car-lite, I really don’t want to make a second trip, so I’m trying to defy the laws of physics to make it all fit. What did I purge? Well, nothing I’ll miss. All this time I thought letting go would be hard, but it feels liberating. Just like that pixie cut (I still have short hair, in case you’re wondering. Some changes stick, and I’m hoping this letting go of stuff will be just as lasting).

Here’s how the pile o’ stuff breaks down:

  • 19 books
  • Empty photo album (wedding gift)
  • 3 cookbooks
  • 3 purses/bags
  • Wallet (gift)
  • Mini cooler (never used)
  • Box of rubber stamp supplies (abandoned hobby)
  • Soup mug
  • Mug (bridal shower gift)
  • Bamboo utensil holder
  • 6 cooking utensils
  • Nalgene (never used)
  • 2 Bags of jewelry (all gifts)
  • Shirts: 14
  • bras: 4
  • Pajama Pants: 2
  • Sweater: 1
  • Jeans: 2
  • Dress: 1
  • Skirt: 1
  • Pants: 1
  • Leggings: 1
  • Sweatshirt: 1
  • Shoes: 4

That’s 73 things, counting the collections of stuff (box of stamps) as one item each. And it feels so great that I know I’m just getting started!


3 thoughts on “The big purge begins

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