Stamina…and Coffee

It was bound to happen. I ran out of steam. Burned out, petered out, crashed. Pretty sure my husband did too, unless the pile of cardboard boxes, old clothes and tools in our guest room/office has vanished since last I was upstairs to check our progress. Which was a few minutes ago, so I think it’s safe to say we’re running on empty. How could we go from excited about our new lifestyle to exhausted so quickly? We cut back on caffeine. I’m sure I’ll feel great in a couple of days, with more energy and less jitters, but for now…my kingdom for a cuppa joe. I cheated this morning, which means I crashed early in the afternoon. Oh, coffee. You are to me both love and nemesis.

Even so, the big purge continues. On the chopping block this evening:

  • a never-used casserole dish
  • two more books
  • yet another pair of brown shoes
  • my makeup (I threw most of it away today)
  • a pie plate identical to another I own
  • the waffle iron we registered for and never used
  • a three-shelf bookcase….which means we’ve finally gotten rid of enough books to shed a bookcase.

From everything that I’ve read, the secret to editing one’s possessions is focusing on one clearly defined area at a time. Today I started out all over the place – guest room, dining room, kitchen – thanks no doubt to my single cup of coffee first thing. But as the day wore on and my pace mellowed, I focused in on our bathroom. I took everything out of the cabinets and I only put half of it back in. The other half went to donations, recycling or the trash. I wiped down the mirrors and the counters and now my bathroom is sparkling, so tired as I am, it’s the rewarding kind where I know I’ve accomplished something.

It’s been two trips to the thrift store to donate things during this epic purging of our stuff; I anticipate at least four more. As soon as I get my steam back. In the meantime, our guest room might look like a hurricane hit, but under our bathroom sink looks sleek and sparse and beautiful. I’ll take my victories where I can get ’em. And tomorrow, maybe I’ll stick to half-caf and see if that helps me narrow my focus to the guest room, where our stuff overfloweth.


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