Project 333, week 3

Now that I’m into week 3 of project 333, it seemed appropriate to write an update!

The best thing about the project: Getting dressed in the morning is easy and quick! Most of the time, I forget that I’m doing this project. It’s been nowhere near as challenging as I expected. I think that’s because I put all my other clothes in a drawer where I don’t see them, and now that they’re out of sight, they’re also out of mind. I feel that I have plenty of variety in my wardrobe of 33 things. There are even two items I still haven’t worn (a skirt and a dress, because it’s been cold since the project started!)

The hardest part of the project: I lost my coat last week!

My nice wool dress coat (the cream colored one with black trim, third from the left) – I have no idea where I left it, but now I’m down to 32 things. If I don’t find it, I think I might replace it with another item. I’ve got my everyday coat (the black puffy one on the far left), so I’m still nice and toasty. Maybe I only really need one coat – here’s my chance to find out. Should I sub in a sweater? The pair of earrings my friend made for me?

That’s been the other tough part – my friend made me the earrings and a pair of beautiful robin’s egg blue gloves, and gave them to me as a belated Christmas present last week, but I can’t wear them because I’m doing this project. When April rolls around, I do believe I’ll add the earrings to my spring list. But the gloves will be out of season by then….decisions are hard. Eliminating some from my daily routine – namely, the tyranny of choice surrounding getting dressed – has made my life simpler. It’s also left me more time for breakfast and a morning cup of coffee. Not a bad trade!


4 thoughts on “Project 333, week 3

  1. Wow, major kudos to you, I do not know how you do it, but I don’t think I would be able to survive with only 33 pieces of clothing/accessories/shoes etc.. :)

  2. I reckon you could do without the second coat, but I don’t live in the snow. It’s interesting that you are finding life so much easier with fewer choices, I blogged about this in my post on preventing Power Tantrums in children. People don’t realise that having the amount of choice that we have is stressful. I’ve decided to become very Victorian this year and have a cleaning day, a gardening day etc…it will have to be flexible with three kids to work around, but I reckon it will have the same effect as Project 333. At least it feels like a step in the right direction. Wear the gloves, I say, they sound gorgeous.

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