Project 332?

After eight wonderful years together, my striped market bag and I have decided to part ways. Rather, the fibers holding the bag together decided to part ways with each other, leaving me carting my wallet, phone and keys around with no bag to put them in. That lasted about a day before I caved and bought a new one. Lesson #1 from Project 333, as we learned last week, is that dressing is easier with 33 items, thanks to the removal of the tyranny of choice. Lesson #2? Eventually, all things wear out, and it’s more likely to happen when you use them every day.

Like a homing pigeon, I returned to Ten Thousand Villages, where I got bag #1 eight years ago. I almost bought the same bag all over again, but maybe change is a good thing. I’m willing to consider the possibility. Meet bag #2:

It might not be identical to the last one, but it is still colorful, handmade and fair trade, which were the things I loved most about bag #1. I figured while I’m making substitutions, I might as well swap in the blue gloves my friend made for me last week, for the ones I started the project with. But I still haven’t replaced the coat. Should I? I’ve been managing without it so far. Some of the places my 33 items have taken me so far:

  • A legislative breakfast, to meet with some of the state and local legislators
  • Classes each day
  • Dinner with my husband 
  • Exploring a run down downtown with my camera

  • The office
  • Meetings
  • A day of moving a very large, very cool pinball machine for my in laws
  • Brunch and a walk in the woods with my friends

It’s been a wide variety of fancy and not-so-fancy, although my student life definitely trends more toward the latter. Next week I’m doing research and school based fieldwork, so hopefully I chose enough pants and sweaters to make it through a full week of looking like a professional. Having a bag that isn’t falling apart might help with that! Now one pair of shoes is headed the same way (my brown clogs), but I’m hopeful they’ll hold up long enough to finish the project!

If I don’t add another coat to the project, is there anything else I should add? I don’t really feel like I’m missing anything, so far.


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