Dance your blues away

Some days really are a trainwreck. As are some years – the last year has been a little bit rough, for a variety of reasons, and I keep finding myself complaining too much, feeling unhappy. On a good day, I remember to relax, take a nap in the sun, enjoy the things that are going well in my life, like the lovely weather we’ve been enjoying in my part of the country.

I also find myself feeling grateful for little things, like the weird little tags that come with my favorite tea. Today’s was

Travel light
Live light
Spread the light
Be the light.

I like that. It fits this day. I need to remember to be the light more often, and to be lighthearted. One of my professors told me recently that I should loosen up a little. She’s given me a lot of good advice over the last couple of years, but that might be the best bit yet, because I needed to hear it.

Serendipitously, I also read a recent article about self compassion. To sum it up, it said that while we value being supportive and compassionate to others, we tend to be really hard on ourselves. And it’s unhealthy.

So I’m working on gratitude, going easier on myself, and being light. I’m not feeling the whole “write yourself a letter of support” vibe, nor literally counting my blessings. I’m sure it’s my own mental block, but it just feels too hokey. So instead I made myself a mug of tea, and then had a dance party in my living room. Dancing is the simplest path to happiness that I know of. There’s something really liberating and cathartic about throwing my arms in the air and jumping around, with nobody looking except the pets. And my husband. We’ve known each other for such a long time that we can dance ridiculously in front of each other without shame. (There. I counted at least one blessing today).

The other great blessing I’m counting is a good dancing playlist. Feeling stressed? Sad? Grumpy? Queue these up and dance around. Just try it.


2 thoughts on “Dance your blues away

    • I was going for a hopeful message and some variety across songs – we wouldn’t call “Here comes the sun” high energy or bass-thumping, after all.

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