Our Outer Banks Roadtrip

Big news:  my 19 wonderful classmates and I presented our research posters, submitted our final papers, and graduated last weekend! We are one summer-long clinical away from taking the boards and becoming licensed, registered occupational therapists!

More big news: I’ve decided to go for my doctorate in occupational science. I think that will get a post of its own at some point this summer. This post is about what I did with my one precious week off between graduation and the start of clinicals. Or rather, what we did. My husband took the week off as well, and we took a mini-roadtrip!

Our trip took us down the North Carolina coast, travelling along the Outer Banks by car and ferry, to Wilmington, where we stayed for a few days and lounged on the beach, checked out the aquarium, and enjoyed dinner with my classmates, who were also celebrating the week of vacation. It was a blast! It was also a digital sabbatical – we didn’t use a computer, check facebook or e-mail…my husband didn’t even use his cell phone. It was lovely, and peaceful, a series of gorgeous sunny days full of salt air and beach food. Here are the photo highlights from our trip:

One of the best things about scaling down our stuff and our spending is that we’ve become a lot more intentional about doing things like this – spending time together, exploring our own backyard, relaxing, being outdoors. It was really a lovely four days!


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