Tiny Houses are Beautiful

I’m still on a tiny house kick. Yes, I love our townhouse, and we’ve committed to another year of living here. But at 1100 square feet, it’s really more space than two people need. And there are so many great spaces out there – I’ve been curating photos from all over the internet. I also have a love affair going with the weekly “tiny house in a landscape” feature over on the Tiny House Blog. Any time I glance at the statistics for this blog, I can easily see that the tiny house posts are the most popular, which makes me think that I’m not the only one dreaming small. So, without further ado, the tiny houses I’m drooling over this week…

Let’s start with my favorite: a home built out of a shipping container by HyBrid Architecture, upcycling at its best. At fewer than 200 square feet, it’s a true tiny home, but the floorplan is open and it just looks beautiful:

the interior of the cargotecture home is just as beautiful:

cargo home images courtesy of http://tinyhouseblog.com

At just over $70,000, it’s actually within our budget! And it has a real kitchen and shower. It seems like a lot of tiny house afficianadoes are willing to forego such luxuries, but what can I say? I want it all.

Next up, photos stolen from my incredibly talented dad’s facebook album. Sorry, Dad. They were just too beautiful not to blog about them! On his recent trip to Vancouver with our family, my dad took some BEAUTIFUL photos of houseboats. Now all I want in the world is to live in one:

photo by my very talented father

photo by my very talented father

I could happily live the rest of my life in a houseboat, staring at the Vancouver skyline. Between my Airstream dreams and my affinity for houseboats, I think alternative houses must hold some special appeal for me. But I also love a nice townhouse or condo. Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about the possibilities of green roofs in urban areas. Outdoor living space seems especially important in the context of a tiny home, and I think the best tiny homes, like the ones above, are the ones that seamlessly blend outdoors and in. Re-nest recently featured what has become one of my favorite rooftop designs for smaller space living:

photo courtesy of re-nest.com

Alright. That’s it for today – my tiny house and alternative space cravings are satisfied…for now. I’m off to take a nap in the sun on my own deck. It might not be fancy, but it is tiny, and it sure is home!


2 thoughts on “Tiny Houses are Beautiful

  1. Thanks, Alan! I can’t tell if I love the shipping container because it’s so creative or because it’s within our budget…or because I read The Boxcar Kids as a child and it’s evoking old dreams of making housing out of transport materials…

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