Laugh of the Day

Two things made me laugh today. First, I reached for the dish soap and found this under my kitchen sink:

I like how nonchalant he looks. “What’s up? Just hanging out with the trash bags and hippie cleaning products, huffing the Dr. Bronner’s peppermint soap.”

My second laugh of the day came when I checked the blog. Here’s a fun fact: I can see every search term that has ever led anyone to click on Project Minify. Some are really common, and to be expected. Project Minify, for example, or Tiny Houses, or Radical Simplicity. Some have clearly read a post on this blog and are seeking it out again, such as the popular Goodbye old friend Rusty searches (it really is the best post I’ve ever written – it’s got the most heart). And Project 333 and its variants have led hundreds of people my way. But then, I get some real doozies – the kind that make me laugh out loud. And today, for a change, I thought I’d share. Here’s the highlights version of my very favorite search terms. I have no idea what most of these people were looking for on the internets, or how these search terms led them to me:

  • if you want loyalty get a dog (so true!)
  • he makes no effort to see me (wha?)
  • how many squares are on a scrabble board
  • eating meat (well, we’re vegetarians here at Minify…)
  • man lives 1500 sq foot airstream (that’s one big Airstream, dude!)
  • barbie airstream (no no nooo)
  • bantam fancy feet
  • face party college (study more. party less.)
  • black wild cat sleeping
  • are we paying more for the george foreman name when we buy those grills? (yep!)
  • “got a pixie cut” blog
  • i got a pixie
  • i was happier with out her
  • something about my subaru book
  • little chicken being killed (what?!)
  • i hate my subaru
  • my ears hurt after purging (this is NOT the kind of purging we advocate at project minify)
  • what does “i was crushed to realize” mean
  • pig and chicken play
  • subaru smelled like a book (subarus are a popular theme in the search terms…perhaps because of this post!)
  • “clogs” “i’m wearing” (me too!)
  • simplicity freedom vacuum cleaner (one of these things is not like the other…)

and my all time favorite:

  • project husband marriage quest

 Oh, noble searchers of the internet. I don’t think I’m quite what you’re looking for. But until next time, let me leave you with a little advice: little chickens are not for killing, “I was crushed to realize” means it made you very sad, Airstreams should be silver (not pink!), and oh, my husband seeking friend…you need a different quest. Love really does happen when you’re not ardently searching for it. In the meantime – try Project 333! A far better project all around.


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