Project Minify: A Family Effort

Got a compliment and some words of encouragement from my lovely, thoughtful mother yesterday:

“I wanted to let you know how helpful the one item a day idea is. Clutter can be overwhelming and make you give up, but if you face it this way it’s a process.

My mom is right. Clutter can be overwhelming – frequently is. And I think all families have some. My little household had so much stuff, especially in the year after our wedding (and all of the wedding gifts!) that the two of us were using a storage unit and had stuff piled all over our 400 square foot cabin as well. It wasn’t like an episode of Hoarders, but we weren’t exactly living in a zen sort of state, either. I was in the habit of thinking that I didn’t have time to deal with it, instead of deciding to deal with it because doing so would save me time in the long run (and give me peace of mind, and improve my quality of life…) Two years later, it’s still a process, but our house is a great deal simpler, happier and more comfortable.

Maintaining a minified home is always going to be a process, but now it doesn’t feel like one I dread, or can’t maintain. It feels like a good and healthy part of my life. The “thing a day” for today was an adorable pair of dress shoes that aren’t entirely comfortable. They’re going to the thrift store tomorrow, where hopefully they’ll find a pair of feet that fit them better. Maintaining this process of minifying one thing each day has made my life feel a little more organized, and my home feel a little more peaceful.

And there’s nothing that makes my day like such a sweet note from my mama!


3 thoughts on “Project Minify: A Family Effort

  1. My daughter Caroline grew up in a house that was “pleasantly cluttered.” My goal now is to make it pleasantly uncluttered. Thanks Caroline for your inspiration.

    • Only parts of it were “pleasantly cluttered” – much of it was in great shape. Besides, I think any working professional with a couple of kids is doing extremely well to maintain a “pleasantly cluttered” home!

  2. Of course I have to join in here and say, “Moms are always right!” Pleasantly cluttered means lived in and loved. I dislike going to homes that feel like I’m in a furniture showroom. Your ‘stuff” is what defines you as a person. I think you know how to strike that balance. Now, listen to your mother…

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