Sleep Matters

I have always been a snooze button addict. I hit that sucker maybe three or four times most mornings before I finally drag myself downstairs to make coffee. I thought that was a character flaw of mine, and that it would never be any other way – until this morning.

Three days into this sleep initiative, I have to admit that I haven’t actually made it into bed by midnight yet – 12:30 has been my average. But I’m getting closer. And today, I actually woke up before my alarm went off. I popped out of bed for the first time on a school day in a LONG time, made my coffee, cleaned up, did some reading, all before I would ordinarily be awake. And I realized that I’ve been looking at sleep from the wrong point of view for most of my life.

I’ve always thought of sleep as the thing standing between me and everything I need to get done. If I could just sleep less, I could accomplish more – do more reading and writing for school, keep a cleaner house, check more things off of my to do list. I think I’m done with all of that. I’ve been more efficient and effective in the last three days than I would ever have thought possible.

Getting enough good sleep, as it turns out, is instrumental to everything else I need and want to do in my life. I tackled this objective first because I thought it would be the most difficult, and because I didn’t want to get in the habit of doing everything else, health-wise, like exercising and making healthy meals, at the expense of getting enough sleep. Now I think that I’ll be better able to do all of those other things if I just stick with this one plan – get into bed, and get up, at a reasonable hour every day.

Sleep is a life changer.


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