Minified Meals: Broccoli Quinoa

It was a magical day indeed when I learned that quinoa (pronounced keen-wah) is a whole protein. That means it contains all of the essential amino acids a vegetarian like me needs to eat (the proteins we have to take in through food because we cannot make them in our bodies). Since our house is meat-free AND soy-free (thanks to my hubby and his soy allergy), whole protein is at a premium around here.

Today, I had another magical epiphany: quinoa can be prepared in the rice cooker! It works just like rice, with two parts water to every one part quinoa. Our rice cooker has a handy veggie steamer on top, so I chopped up some fresh broccoli, threw it in the steamer basket, set the rice cooker to “steam,” and voila! Dinner!

Season with soy sauce and serve! It took me nine minutes to prepare, cooked itself for about ten minutes, and was PERFECT. Now that is what I call a minified meal.


2 thoughts on “Minified Meals: Broccoli Quinoa

  1. Yum! I love quinoa and am always happy when someone discovers it/ tries it/ does something new with it/ or teaches a new use. My fav is with lemon, olive oil, mint, cranberries, cucumber and pine nuts (or some sort of toasted nuts).

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