Craigslist Makeover: Guest Room Edition

I felt a little bad about our bedroom makeover from earlier this year. After all, I bought a new bedframe at Ikea instead of getting one secondhand. Granted, it was cheap and it will last forever, but no more of that. Getting things second hand is a better fit with our values, and a bigger challenge….goodness knows I love a challenge. Fortunately, I can learn from this going forward. We happen to have a two bedroom house – one room is ours (featured in the bedroom makeover) and the other is a guest room/office/laundry room. Or it would be, if it didn’t look like this:

welcome to our pile of stuff

 Featured here is  a bed that came with the townhouse, a laundry basket full of stuff for the thrift store, art my mom gave us, a file cabinet as a nightstand with a yard sale scarf draped over it and a lamp from college, the cedar chest my husband built, packages of pet food, all of the papers I have yet to file scattered all over the bed, and a sleeping cat (she’s the black ball of fur on the left hand side of the bed). And over in the corner, a broken bedframe and some cabinet doors we need to rehang.

And across the room, we have these rather eclectic closets:

craft stuff, stuff to sell, a wedding dress, a graduation robe, goodness only knows what else

Christmas stuff, camping stuff, our washing machine...

And in between them, this bookshelf, piled with stuff we almost never look at:

wedding photos, books and binders from previous degrees, and more clutter

And finally, there’s my desk, backed by some seriously cat-furred curtains and topped with a sewing machine that I don’t use because I don’t know how (and I don’t own a sewing table):

ugly desk, ugly chair, and not such a great quality picture!

Don't judge. This is the last frontier between me and a minified house!

We are so classy….I’m almost embarassed to put this out there on the internet. But how will you appreciate the after pictures if I don’t let you see the before?

So now my reasons for giving the guest room a makeover are clear. Here’s the challenge: everything must be secondhand, and since we’re also trying to minimize our spending…I’ve set a budget of $0. Any money we spend will have to come from selling things we already own (we’ve got a big pile of stuff I’ve been intending to post on Craigslist or take to the consignment store – stored in that first closet). Also, any spare change I find in the process is fair game to spend (don’t laugh. I keep finding lost rolls of spare change as I clean out the guest room closets. I wouldn’t be surprised if we’re sitting on more than 50 dollars, and that can go a long way on Craigslist!) 

That, my friends, is the guest room makeover challenge in a nutshell! I think it’ll be fun. Many of my favorite blogs, from Young House Love to Apartment Therapy’s ReNest, use a lot of upcycled and reused furniture in great designs, so I know it can be done! I’ve already identified some priorities (a working bedframe seems like a good place to start, along with decluttering a LOT), but I think the joy of secondhand is that you never know what you’re going to find. It’s like a treasure hunt! So wish me luck, and I’ll keep you posted.


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