Guest Room Makeover: We Have a Bed!

Ladies and gentlemen, it is with much glee that I bring you this update, as we’ve made a lot of progress on the guest room in the last three days! And by progress, I mean we have actual furniture. Before I get to the update, let me remind you where we started:

welcome to our pile of stuff

When my husband saw these pictures, he said “did you clean up any before you took them?” No. No, I did not. We’re keeping it real on Project Minify. Our guest room was the sort of mess that makes you think “It can only get better from here on out.” And indeed, thanks to some Craigslist persistence on my part, it did! Check out what I scored for $15, and was able to fit in the backseat of my Honda:

I can’t tell you how much better the room feels with real furniture in it. More like a room, less like a dumping ground for our stuff.

A frame and an awesomely weird headboard for fifteen smackers! The headboard is missing a (post? spire thingy? what would we call the missing bit?) on the lefthand side, but it’s got this lovely carved wood…my thought was to pop the one remaining (spindle?) off and find replacements, and attach them with wood glue. I wanted to repaint the headboard, but my husband won’t let me, because he likes it as is. So be it – it’s his house too. Add to all of that bounty a (totally free) comforter, and (temporary) dust ruffle donated by my wonderful mother. The blue isn’t really working with the room, but it has made the cats very happy, as they can bat at each other from either side of it.

The comforter is from my childhood bedroom…I remember picking it out of the catalog. I must have been somewhere around fourth grade. After the flowers, it was butterflies. I had precisely the aesthetic preferences one might expect from a middle school girl. So that comforter is probably coming up on 20 years old, and it’s in great shape, and machine washable. I don’t know whether I’ll put a duvet cover over it down the road so that it matches the room or not. We’ve got a houseguest coming tonight, and I’m sure he’ll appreciate the new setup. Thanks, Mom!

So that’s our progress! Now I’ve got to sell $15 worth of our stuff on Craigslist to equal out what I spent on the bed, since that’s one of the rules of this project. That means I’m on to step two of the makeover: clearing out the closets! That’s my goal for the weekend, anyway, before we move on to phase “steam clean the heck out of the carpets.” We’re on a roll!


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