Wellness Resolutions: Acceptance

This is the month that I resolved to come to terms with the things I have a hard time accepting. I started with this post about depression, one of the parts of myself that I’ve had a hard time accepting and talking about in the past. I’ve been thinking about acceptance this week, and all of the things that it can mean. I think that I am someone who has a hard time letting go. Letting go in grief, letting go of things, most recently letting go of two of my favorite people, who are moving across the country. I’m going to miss them dearly, even though I can’t wait to visit them in the northwest!

I think that acceptance in the form of letting go of things is a good thing to work on this month. I read this excellent post a while back on RowdyKittens about parting with things, even when it’s hard. I challenged myself to get rid of 300 things (10 a day) in the month of February. So far…I’m only up to 20. I’m keeping  a list to track my progress. I’m letting go of a cookbook I love the idea of but never use, a book I started reading but never finished, a cake decorating set I bought because I intended to learn…but never did. I’m accepting that I need to let go of some of the things I said I would do (and the associated stuff) so that I can focus on the things I really want to do. Like savoring every minute with my friends before they move to Seattle!


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