Orthodox Church in Oradea: A photopost

This particular post in this photoseries on the architecture of worship was inspired by my mom, who really wanted to see more of the photos from my trip back to Oradea over the summer, and who has never been inside this particular church, but liked the mural of Christ’s birth in this post. I took that picture inside one of the many beautiful Orthodox churches in Oradea, Romania. It was such an amazing space that I think everyone will enjoy seeing it – the murals and ornamentation and the play of light through the stained glass were really lovely. And Mom, happy early birthday! This post is for you. (But you’ll have to wait until we see you this weekend to get your handmade present!)


2 thoughts on “Orthodox Church in Oradea: A photopost

  1. The photos are really nice. Although it was a bit dark in the church, you must have a nice camera because the shots have been well captured. Anyway, thanks for sharing the photos and good luck with the birthday present for your mom.

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