April’s Resolution: A day all my own

These habit change posts always seem to begin with a confession. Here’s April’s: I work too much. It’s because I love what I’m doing, and because I want so badly to be good at it. But even so, I’ve let my doctoral studies take over my entire life. Which means I fell completely off the wagon with the habit changes I’ve been trying to make – my dinners have been largely pizza or leftovers, and my bedtime has been…well, my mother reads this blog, so I don’t really want to admit that I’ve been pulling some all nighters lately. My mom is a firm believer in getting enough sleep. And so I think it’s time I changed all that. Each week, from here on out, I’m taking a day completely off. A day to spend outside, a day to spend with my husband, a day to go somewhere new or read a book or take a nap or bake some brownies. A day of my own. I suspect that I’ll be more productive during my work hours if I take some regular non-working hours from here on out. Besides, life is short, and precious. I’d rather enjoy it.

I started on Saturday. I made no plans and I set my worries aside, figuring everything that had been stressing me out would keep for 24 hours. I slept late, went for a long walk with my friend Adrienne and the pup, got a peanut butter milkshake, and relaxed. It was lovely. I may have spent the evening making a powerpoint for class…but hey. Habit change happens in stages. Then on Sunday, I went on a picnic with some wonderful friends. I’ve also been playing with the camera on my new iPhone (an early birthday present from my parents) – I used to love photography, but I haven’t made much time for it lately, either. I’ve found some great apps. So far, my favorite is Lens+, which is available for the time being as a free download. I’ve been taking some springtime walks with the pup and thought I would post a few pictures from my new habit (and my new hobby)! Check ’em out! They’re rather retro – between Lens+ and the Hipstamatic app, I’ve had fun playing around with vintage lens and film effects.

What would you do, with a day all to yourself, with nothing planned, and no worries?

ImageMy husband took this photo of me, while playing with the vintage lenses – I think this was the “1920s lens”Image

ImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageImageWhile playing around with different lens settings, I took this triptych of a dandelion (actually, I took about 30, but thought my dear readers might appreciate it if I edited that collection down a bit). I think I like the black and white version the best.ImageImageImageImageImage


2 thoughts on “April’s Resolution: A day all my own

  1. I think I’d probably walk around in circles trying to work out what to do with myself! Great that you got some time off your studies. Guess it’s back to research et al tomorrow – hope you’re invigorated.

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