Habit change: A day in the sun

I do believe this is one new habit I’ll have no trouble keeping. (Although our minified meals for dinner plan is back in full swing – I’ve been pinning recipes like crazy, and will have to share the ones we make!)

My dear friend Laurie has moved to a town two hours from mine, and every now and then we each drive for an hour to meet in the middle (what’s in the middle, you ask? It’s a glorified strip mall. But all places are made awesome by Laurie’s presence). We grab lunch, walk around, maybe have some coffee…or in this case, ice cream. This Sunday we met up for a belated celebration of Laurie’s birthday. There’s a lake at the mall (okay, a drainage reservoir of sorts, but there’s a deck and some furniture and some Canada Geese, and we sunned ourselves like lizards on a rock, chatting and enjoying the spring weather). We also had sushi, and then ice cream. A lovely day all in all – I’m finding that taking a day off hasn’t actually made me more productive with school, as I thought it would. But it has been really good for helping me feel a sense of balance, spend some time with family and friends, and relax, and I think those are even more worthy goals. Contrary to what our culture might tell us, work and academic achievement are not actually what life is about. What is it about? This!


I feel like I took my life back from being completely overtaken by grad school…and I love it. Taking an entire day off each week, from work and school and worry, has been the best habit change I’ve made, and also the easiest to maintain. Happy belated birthday, Laurie! I so enjoyed my day with you.


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