Containing the Chaos (a wake up call)

A friend loaned me her cell phone for my trip to Romania…last summer. And now she needs it back, because she’s traveling to Romania on Wednesday, but it’s missing in the depths of my house. I think there are several life lessons here.

First: I should have returned it when we got back.

Second: I have not, in fact, conquered the chaos that is my house.

I know I didn’t minify it. It hasn’t been donated or recycled, of that much I’m certain. So it’s here, in a closet or under a piece of furniture. And I keep thinking it should be easy to find. After all, we’ve been living our minified lifestyle for a couple of years, paring down, keeping only what’s necessary. So we shouldn’t have that much stuff to search through, right?


I don’t know how, but we still have way (way, way, way) too much stuff. And the sound of the phone that’s NOT ringing, because it’s dead, hiding somewhere in my home??

That’s my wake up call. I’m going to find that phone before she leaves – I’m determined. But as soon as finals are over, I’m also going to get serious about minifying my house. Begone, clutter. See you later, chaos. And hello, coffee. We’ll be working closely together for the next few weeks! Stay tuned – photos and a massive minify update coming soon.


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