Summer Lovin’

By summer lovin’, I do of course mean that I am loving summer now that it’s here! And in other news, Project Minify is back from hiatus. Pardon my absence – I’ve been in Maine!


I went on a really wonderful road trip with a friend, and found that I love the state of Maine just as much as I did in college, which was the last time I visited. I’ll be back with a post on habit change (another long overdue update) later this week, but today I want to talk about vacation, and summer in general.

I took this vacation for three reasons. First, I wanted to spend some time with one of my very best friends before she moves all the way across the country. We’ve been friends since college, and have lived in the same town all along, even moving across the state together for graduate school (well, that was a coincidence, but a very happy one). I’m sure going to miss her, but we had a blast on our trip!


Second, I have the best godparents in the entire world, and I was really excited to have the chance to visit them. They were fun, kind, generous hosts (as always), as was their nephew, who served as our tour guide in the city of Portland. And Maine? Have I mentioned already that Maine is gorgeous? Because it is. Here’s proof:

Finally, it’s summer! I love summer! I get to trade reading science journals for novels, all-night study sessions for afternoon naps, and trips to the library for trips to exciting places! Or at least this summer I get to do all of that – I don’t think I’ve had a real summer break in at least a decade, but I am having one now…and it’s glorious. I’ve read four books in the last three weeks, gotten plenty of sleep, and gotten back into baking and cooking. I’ve taken a real roadtrip and a mini one (home to the mountains to visit friends). We had a whiffle ball tournament, which turned out to be more fun than I could possible describe:

All in all, it’s shaping up to be a perfect summer, and I’m asking myself some questions – how can I live more like this during the school year? It’s not that I don’t want to work hard, or that I don’t want to be in school. I just want to achieve some balance. More whiffle ball. Fewer sleepless nights and 70 hour work weeks. This summer, I’m taking one class, working half time, and studying for my occupational therapy boards. My hope is that taking a class and doing some paper writing over the summer will buy me some time in the fall to live a more balanced life. We’ll see! Either way, I plan to live it up this summer. Life is so precious and so brief – I plan to enjoy mine as much as I can. I think that’s what minifying was all about. Paring down the things that didn’t matter to make space for the ones that really do. Like this:

That’s from this weekend. We went swimming at the Eno River quarry, then had a cookout on our back deck. It was a perfect, perfect day. For memorial day, we’ve been sprucing up the back deck with some summer plants (herbs and succulents) in our container garden, and some string lights to make it more festive. We were excited to find LED lights with a solar panel, so they draw energy from the sun instead of running on fossil fuels. I’ll post some photos of our new and improved cookout/garden/morning coffee space later this week. In the meantime – happy summer, everybody!


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