Maine Attractions

As promised, here are some road trip highlights from the Maine leg of our trip. I’m going to have to include Acadia in a post of its own (or two), and maybe I’ll do a post with a few from the road on the trip up and back, but for now…Maine.

Here’s the thing about road trips: they’re bad for the environment. We drove about 2000 miles on ours, from North Carolina to Maine and back. That’s a lot of fossil fuel consumption and greenhouse gases. And flying would have been even worse (I checked). So I won’t even pretend that this trip was in any way “sustainable.” It wasn’t. I guess that’s why I try to live sustainably the rest of the year – to squander my entire ecological footprint on trips to really cool places. Someday I’m going to get a hybrid. In the meantime, I get my car checked to make sure it’s still meeting emission standards each year, and I take the bus every day in my real life so that vacation and trips to visit family comprise the majority of the driving that I do (I also drive for errands – today I drove the pup to the dog park, and stopped by the local pet shop and the local ice cream shop on the way back. We do try to plan out trips that way, to minimize driving, but I must confess that we’re not real sticklers). I’m also trying to figure out how to take my next big trip by train! More of that as the plan develops…

For now, here are some photos from beautiful, amazing, glorious Maine:

We started out exploring Standish, where my godparents live, and the surrounding area:


Then we were off to the Maine Mecca that is L.L. Beans, where we got to see the trout in their big aquarium:Image

Finally, we went into Portland and walked about. I had great walking companions:



We checked out the Portland waterfront…


And we made some discoveries. One was that the dandelions in Maine are about twice the size of the ones in North Carolina. Go figure! We helped them expand their territory a bit…


and we learned that not all train tracks are created equal. Some of the ones in Portland are very narrow…a trend that went out of fashion very quickly because, as the old Subaru commercial would remind us, wider is more stable…


and finally, we learned that the walk along the Portland promenade is gorgeous.


It was a great few days in Portland! My favorite thing about this leg of the trip was seeing my godparents. I think my favorite part of summer might be having more time for loved ones. Maybe that’s the meaning of life.


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