June Adventures: A photopost

We’re trying to take time this summer to really enjoy our friends, family and the beautiful weather. I feel like I’ve been waiting and waiting for life to slow down – this summer I’m being more intentional about making time for the things that really matter.This is in large part because I keep seeing posts about living not for when we “have the time”, but really using the time we’ve got, and being intentional about our choices. Part of that is learning to say no to commitments that I can’t honor or that will keep me from being able to enjoy time with family. On the horizon are trips home to visit my folks, and a trip to see friends in the mountains. I’m also planning on cooking up more farmer’s market produce, and making more handmade gifts!

Work and school are still important, but I think we really live in moments like the ones that follow – walking with my husband and pup at the community rose garden. Swimming at the rock quarry. Fresh flowers from the farmer’s market. Enjoying a last hurrah (and some mural photo-ops) with a good friend who just moved away. We went to all of the places in town that she either wanted to try or to visit one last time before leaving – and it was a perfect day. Happy summer, everybody! Remember to really (really!) enjoy it while it’s here.

That’s what we’ve been up to! What about you lovely readers?


One thought on “June Adventures: A photopost

  1. What a lovely way for you and your friend to spend time before she moved. :)

    I agree with you wholeheartedly and have just been planning lots of ‘family and friends’ time into my calender for the rest of the year, before yet more weekends slip by filled with meaningless time-wasting activities!

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