Mini-versary : 2 Years of Project Minify

We’re just home from a visit to see my sister in New Orleans for her white coat ceremony:

…which turned into an epic road trip with one busted radiator, several sunburns (see evidence above), a fifty mile ride in a tow truck, two thousand miles of driving (carbon emission atonement impending…) and eight days of boarding at dog camp for the pup. We had a lot of adventures in the deep south, and we loved loved loved New Orleans. It’s an amazing city! Photos and a longer post to follow, but that explains my long absence. Today, though, what I really want to say is this…

Project Minify is two years old! I don’t know what I intended when I started this blog (although I did leave myself some clues – here’s a link to the very first post!). I started out talking a lot about paring down our lives and minifying our stuff (hence the blog name). I also wanted to talk about sustainability, I think, and to hold myself accountable as I tried to change my life. I’m not sure how that’s going…I racked up a serious carbon emissions footprint on this roadtrip, and ate a fair number of beignets, not two weeks after giving up sugar.

Today, I’m back on the no sugar wagon, albeit not repentant for the beignets (you’ve got to live a little on vacation, after all!) and just realized that the only souvenirs we brought home with us are photos. There was a time when I would have bought a bunch of crap to remember our trip by. Maybe that’s what this project has been about, for me – making new memories and living life fully, instead of acquiring stuff. I think it’s in part because of our lifestyle changes (in addition to some generous help from my mom!) that we were able to afford this road trip, which gave us some much needed time with family:

My cousins were in town, visiting from Mexico – it was wonderful to get to see them!

I haven’t made any real changes to the blog in the two years I’ve been writing it. I think I might start a new series of simple living tips – things we’ve learned along the way, about what’s worked and what hasn’t. I thought it would be interesting to poll the audience – of the things I’ve been writing about, what would you guys like to see more of (or less of?) I don’t think this blog will ever be too married to any one topic, as my own favorite posts to write have been some of the ones least related to simplicity and sustainability – like this one about the empty synagogue in my old city in Romania, this one about making heart map art, and this one about saying goodbye to our sweet Rusty buddy. But going forward, I’d love to be able to incorporate some reader input into writing posts in year three of the blog! Fill in the survey tool or drop me a note in the comments section, letting me know if there’s anything new you’d like to see added to the blog.


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