Ready for Fall

September 22, 2012 marks the Autumn Equinox – the start of fall in the northern hemisphere. Or as I like to think of it, the best. season. ever. I might be a spring baby (in fact, my birthday, my husband’s birthday, and our wedding anniversary are within a ten day stretch in April – we think of it as the giant celebration of festivities)…but I live for fall.

Ten things I plan to do to soak in the fall:

  1. Swim at the quarry one more time (so long, summer!)
  2. Head home to Asheville, NC, and enjoy leaf season (the blue ridge mountains are always pretty, but fall is their crowning glory)
  3. Mull some cider
  4. Pick some apples
  5. Stock up on fall produce at the farmer’s market – corn. squash. greens. Bring it on!Image
  6. Go to the state fair! Ride the Ferris Wheel, and eat a deep fried candy bar (sometimes rules are made to be broken)Image
  7. Visit a corn maze (I love them) with my friend Adrienne
  8. Visit a pumpkin patch, and find the best pumpkin of allImage
  9. Carve said pumpkin (we have a pumpkin carving party every year, and it’s my. favorite. thing. ever.)
  10. Go backpacking. What better time of year to be outdoors?

What about you guys? Got any fun plans to celebrate the change of season?


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