Minified Meals: Mushroom Asparagus Frittata

This only sounds complicated. In truth, it’s a meal you can make in 10 minutes (with cleanup) that looks and tastes like it took much longer. In addition to a big cast iron pan (the most indispensable kitchen tool ever), you’ll need:

  • One bunch asparagus
  • One large handful of mushrooms (I like baby bellas)
  • (substitute any seasonal vegetables you prefer for the above)
  • olive oil
  • salt and pepper
  • cayenne pepper (a generous pinch)
  • 8 eggs
  • Goat cheese (to taste – I use a good handful)

Yup. It’s a lot of eggs. Now, preheat your broiler on high.

In your cast iron, over medium-high heat, saute your veggies in oil for a quick minute. You want them to still be crisp/crunchy, because they’re going to cook more. Whisk your eggs and pour them in with the veggies, top with your spices, and cook until they’re just starting to firm up on the outside (about 3 minutes). Drop pinches of the goat cheese on top of the frittata and pop it into the over for another three minutes or so. It should be firmed up and golden on top, and it should smell amazing!

That’s all there is to it. Simple and lovely and perfect for when you want a filling meal in a hurry. I make it for our dinner and then we eat it the next day for breakfast or pack it in our lunch. The goat cheese and cayenne balance each other out so perfectly, and it’s almost as good cold as it is hot.

pofta buna!


2 thoughts on “Minified Meals: Mushroom Asparagus Frittata

    • It turned out pretty well! I feel like we’re finally getting the hang of easy weeknight dinners that are from scratch and sugar-free and have vegetables. Tall order, that! But every time we come up with a good one, I try to post it.

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