Street Performers: A Photopost

This is the very, very last of my New Orleans photoposts from our (relatively) recent trip – which is a good thing, because we’ve been up to so much since then that I should add to the blog! Most recently, we’ve been to weddings galore – several of our favorite friends have gotten married over the last few weeks, and September and October have cooperated beautifully, with cool sunny fall days that go on forever. I’ve also been in Portland for a conference (where I got to give a talk on the practice and politics of sustainable living! my first real conference talk. eek!). I’m now totally in love with Portland. I think it’s my new dream city. Which is perhaps a funny way to introduce a photo post about…the equally beautiful, far grittier, fascinating New Orleans. But there you have it.

These photos are of the street performers from New Orleans – music and human statues. They were fantastic, all of them, but the strange and happy Zydeco band was my favorite! The vampiric, golden angel of news is a close runner up, though.


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