Simple Living Tip #3: Visit the Farmer’s Market

The farmer’s market changed the way we cook, in a good way. It helped us build more fresh, seasonal ingredients into our diets. It helped reduce our ecological footprint. It’s a more fun, colorful, local way to shop than the grocery store, and counter to my expectations, has also saved us money. On Saturdays we load up our reusable bags and head on over to the Carrboro Farmer’s Market (confession: we drive. It would be a six mile walk/bike adventure round trip, so for now, we take good old Rhonda the Honda). I love all of the colors at the farmer’s market, the fresh flowers and bright vegetables (I’m still learning about all of the colors that tomatoes and squash and corn can attain)

I get a lot of cooking tips from the folks at the farm stands, when I buy a new food that I’m not sure how to cook (I still haven’t mastered bok choy). We’ve had a lot of hits and a few misses, in cooking with market ingredients (there was the epic fennel disaster of 2010), but it’s enriched our lives, improved our diets, and above all been a way to live more simply. Check out your own local farmer’s market, and take a farm tour if you can!


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