Places of Worship: A Photopost

Here’s an update to an old series: photos we’ve taken around the world of places of worship. There are some amazing and beautiful churches, synagogues and temples in all kinds of places, and I’m so interested in the ways that different groups of people use architecture to facilitate and enact worship. None of these photos are of Quaker Meeting houses, interestingly enough – I think I’ve tended to photograph the things that are different from my own experiences of worship. Enjoy!

This one requires a comment, because it blew my mind: it’s a chapel at a Russian Fort…in California. Did you know there were Russian forts in California?! I didn’t! Alaska, sure…they can see Russia from their back yard, or so I once heard. But California? I’m an East Coast girl and all, but even with that excuse, I feel woefully deficient in my knowledge of American history.

this little structure full of prayer candles stands outside one of the oldest wooden churches in Europe – because of the fire hazard, they don’t allow candles inside the church, so this tin chapel was erected so that people could light candles and pray.


The world is full of an incredible variety of places of worship. I have so enjoyed getting to see – and photograph – their diversity! The smell of altar candles and hush of people whispering as they enter the cool, dark spaces and the light through stained glass windows are things I’m never going to fully capture, but I do love getting to visit them all.


3 thoughts on “Places of Worship: A Photopost

  1. You’ve got it! I should have labeled them in the first place:
    1. California (Fort Ross)
    2. Baile Felix, Romania
    3: Castle Hill, Budapest, Hungary
    4. Castle Hill, Budapest, Hungary
    5: Romanian village
    6: Oradea, Romania
    7 & 8: Budapest (the first is St. Matyas for sure)
    9: California: the Sea Ranch Chapel

  2. I love this post. You presented very beautiful and interesting churches.

    Personally I love old wooden churches. Finland is “full” of them. I started my digital photographing just taking photos from churches. Quite soon I noticed that inside churches there are many kind of art and beautiful handcrafts also. Then I noticed art on cemeteries and so on.

    I love small churches on countryside. They are very basic and inside them there are not gold. One can concentrate on praying.

    I give here four links to my posts:

    This church is on the Unesco world inheritance catalogue.

    Old church at Petajavesi

    This church by made by female artist Eva Ryynänen who knew to handle wood. Look at its door for example. Or benches made from one tree trunk.

    Sculptor’s private wooden church

    This wooden church is one of the oldest wooden church in Finland and still in use.

    Old red wooden church

    In this church there are painted more than 100 angels. Sounds great?

    100 angels’ church

    What about world’s biggest wooden church.

    World’s biggest wooden church

    I hope that You like these wooden churches on countryside. What comes to stone churches, we have them of course and some medieval ones.

    Happy blogging.

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