Portland Lovin’


Have I told you guys how much I loved Portland? And the state of Oregon in general? Seriously. I want to move there right now. But I can’t, so I settle for visiting as often as I can. Apart from the city itself (reason enough!) I had additional incentives for my week long trip this month. For one, there was a big conference, where I presented a paper on sustainability. And most importantly, there are our dear friends Zack and Amanda.


This is the story of our friendship: Amanda and my husband were good friends their freshman year of college. Even after he transferred to UNCA ( where we eventually met) they remained close. And then I got to know her. And loved her.

We’ve been good friends ever since. In fact, she officiated our wedding when J and I got married. She had recently reunited with Zack, her high school boyfriend, and our wedding was the first time we met him. Of course, since one of our groomsmen cancelled the day of our wedding, we immediately conscripted Zack to fill in for him. They wore the same size kilt, after all. How fortunate, since he’s in all of our wedding photos, that Zack wound up being one of the best friends of our lives!

So here’s to friendship, to its unexpected turns, to maintaining it even when we’re separated by thousands of miles, and to being ever grateful for it. Friends like Amanda and Zack are one of life’s great miracles – warm, funny, supportive, thoughtful. No matter how long or how far we are apart, the moment we’re reunited again, I feel like I’ve come home.



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