You know what isn’t simple? Long hair. Too much effort required. So with no further ado, here’s the before (this is the photo from last weekend that made me realize it was time!):


And after:




It reminds me of flapper hair. So long, locks! This haircut is shorter, easier, and simpler – plus I suspect it’ll be cuter under hats this winter! J says it reminds him of the city of Portland and the 1920s. I’m taking that as a compliment, although it’s possible that he’s calling me a hipster! Most importantly, it’s just hair. Love it or hate it, it always grows back!


3 thoughts on “Ch-ch-ch-changes!

  1. LOVE your new do. It is so becoming. There is a famous Buddhist story about two sons who each get rings One son’s is gold and full of jewels. Tho other’s is a simple silver, but it is inscribed inside with the message: It’s always changing. That is the really valuable ring..

    • The word “becoming” + a Buddhist story lead me to suspect that this is my mom posting on my dad’s account again….affirm or deny, parents? Either way, I’m glad you like the hair!

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