Everyday Miracles: Late Fall

After a Quaker Meeting where the theme of every message was trees, Josh and the pup and I spent a lovely Sunday afternoon outdoors last week. The trees were amazing shades of gold and copper and this burnt orange I love most of all. I agree with the Friends who spoke at meeting – trees are miraculous, glorious, inspiring things. And perched in a tree may very well be the best place to commune with the divine. I learned at Meeting that in a tree was where the founder of the Quaker tradition, George Fox, had some of his most meaningful realizations about faith and God. He found God in nature, rather than indoors, and I realized in thinking about this that most of my moments of transcendence have also taken place out of doors. These are what I’ve been calling everyday miracles. I hope you fine folks enjoy these photos of the everyday miracle that is fall’s show of colors.






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