This will change your life

I’ll get to the life changing bit in a second. First, I’m going to take a deep breath and acknowledge the magnitude of this day. Today is the first day of class….of my very last semester of classes. EVER. Sure, I’ll take a class here and there while I’m preparing for comps and then working on my dissertation, and yes, I have another three years of that stuff to go, but this semester is my very last one when it comes to full time coursework, and to me, that feels like a milestone. It’s been fascinating and exhausting, a spectacular balancing act and a privilege. Sometimes I think that I took the authoritative “stay in school” edicts of the 80s and 90s perhaps a bit too literally. I have stayed in school just about as long as is humanly possible. I have enjoyed most of the educational process…and for the most part, I’m looking forward to this semester’s classes (one on water in particular – I think it will be fascinating!) But I’m also looking forward to finishing this next big step. And I have a bit of a boost to help me in this new semester – I discovered something miraculous. Here’s where I get to the life changing part:

Have y’all tried cold brewing coffee? People have been talking about it for ages, and I thought they were just coffee hipsters and snobs. Until yesterday, when I decided to give it a try.

Holy java. Magnificent, mutable mocha. It is the best. thing. ever. It’s all the best parts of coffee without any of the bitterness. It needs no sugar, no milk, it’s just perfect on its own, and it makes your beans stretch twice as far! That means it saves you money! And it’s ready in the morning as soon as you wake up! (Assuming you like it cold or room temp – I do, but you can also dilute with hot water or milk to warm it up). It’s so easy to make – here’s what you do.

Grind your beans the night before. If you’re not grinding your own beans fresh, start now. It makes a difference. You want one part beans to four parts water, so measure them out according to the size of the container you’re going to make your cold press in. I use our french press, but any glass container will do. A big Mason jar comes in super handy.

Put your beans in your container, and add room temperature water. Shake it like a polaroid picture (or stir it, if you’re not so frisky). Let it steep 8-24 hours. Strain it through a coffee filter or your french press and discard the grounds. What’s left is a coffee concentrate. Dilute by at least a 1:1 ratio (I do 2:1) depending on your preference, and enjoy the best, easiest cup of coffee you’ve ever made!

Cold press is far less bitter than coffee made with hot water, which means that you’ll get to taste all of the flavor notes that the bitterness was masking. I also heard that it contains less caffeine, but I haven’t researched that to verify.

PS: your coffee concentrate will keep for up to a week in the fridge!

So. One final semester. I have my cold press coffee in hand. I’ve done my readings and my homework for the first day of class. I am ready. Let’s do this – one. last. time.


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