Waiting for Snow

Made My Day: New Boots!

We are waiting for snow today, which in a word means that I am HAPPY. Snow days are my favorite days. And I am wearing my new boots, and a favorite hat. You know how I’m always saying that stuff won’t make you happy? That’s mostly true. The corollary to that is, when you own less stuff, you really appreciate the stuff you do have. These were a belated Christmas gift of sorts, from none other than my sweet husband. I kind of love them. A lot. I said “what will I wear them with?” and he said “what wouldn’t you wear them with?!” and I couldn’t decide whether to be insulted or flattered. It’s true either way – I will wear them with everything. I. own. forever. The first thing I did was wear them on a walk with Josh and the pup, which is why the pup is in the picture. Well…half of him, anyway. I have determined that the boots are super comfortable. (Arlo refuses to pose for pictures. Sorry. He just kept showing the camera his tail).


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