Pardon my absence…I’ve been OUTSIDE!

I haven’t been much of a blogger lately. Sorry about that! I resolve to do better – starting now. We’re having a lovely spring at the McCasa. I’m finishing up my last semester of classes. Josh is about to graduate with his master’s degree. We’ve just joined a spring/summer CSA, through a local farm, and are eagerly awaiting our first delivery. I splurged for home delivery, because neither of us can be relied upon to be consistently available one evening a week to go pick up our box of veggies.

Earlier this week,the sun was out and the sky was blue and we went and sat on the lawn at Weaver Street Market and drank a beer and it felt so much like spring. Such a season of renewal,the springtime. I love it. I’ve put a birdfeeder on our back deck, and have been counting the types of birds that visit it each day. I’ve lost count, we have so many. It is a blessing to live in the woods in North Carolina. It is a blessing to be outdoors. It is a blessing to be alive.

It is like this every year: spring strikes me as a benediction, after the long gray winter has passed. Blessed are we who have songbirds and daylight and weeping cherries and bradford pear trees, and a favorite spot in the sun on the back deck to sit and soak it all in.


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