If we weren’t minimalists before…

We are surely minimalists now. Call it an act of God. Our insurer did, followed by the words “you’re not covered.” On a day like today – one of the longest days of my life – it is really good to remember that stuff doesn’t matter, and community does. We lost a lot of stuff, but we are so rich in community. Our neighbors and friends have sheltered and fed us, checked on us, comforted us, cared for our dog, helped drain the water from our cars…and the list goes on. We are healthy, together, and safe, and fortunate to be so cared for. This was the last 36 hours:








Our downstairs flooded, about half a foot deep. Our neighborhood creek became a 50 foot wide river. We lost Josh’s car, our home has to be gutted, repairs will take months. We are displaced. Our pets are displaced. And we worked so hard today. Then we threw a flood party, all gathered outside on our ruined furniture, drinking bourbon from tea cups. Half the homes in our neighborhood were flooded. The other half have been our ports in the storm. I am so profoundly grateful for our amazing neighbors and generous friends. We are all in good spirits – because we have each other, and that is so much more than enough.


3 thoughts on “If we weren’t minimalists before…

  1. We had such community after Hugo. Disaster can bring out our best. I am impressed with the flood party, and with the positive coping!

  2. Oh, my goodness! I’m so glad you have your community. We had a hurricane party after Fran came through Sanford, my neighbors and I. It was fun, and we feasted for a week or more. Still, I wish this hadn’t happened to you. Give your animals and yourselves a loving hug from me!

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