Project 333 Fall 2013

Project 333 Fall 2013

I’ve done a lot of thinking about Project 333 lately, and put together this collection of images similar to what I’ll be wearing this fall. Who else is participating in Project 333? For me, it’s been a great way to live a bit more simply, especially as I’m travelling a LOT for work and school this fall – keeping my wardrobe a bit more minimalist has made packing for extended trips (including a few that wound up being a few days longer than planned) much simpler! These items aren’t identical to the ones in my wardrobe, but they are pretty similar, and they’ve worked for presentations, classroom visits and teaching, office days, the occasional day hike in the woods, and relaxing on the weekends (including visiting the state fair!) I did “cheat” a bit for a Halloween party, delving into the back of my closet to throw together a Julia Child costume. I decided that was fair game – the point of being part of Project 333 is to simplify my daily life, not miss out on dressing up for the occasional costume party. 


3 thoughts on “Project 333 Fall 2013

  1. I am so torn. I want to do the project, but I feel like I should put it off until after we go on vacation. Then I come here to look for validation, and right away I see this post which specifically talks about traveling! It’s just that ten days of travel is so much different than ten days of work. Any advice?

    • Susan, I think this project has made me a much better traveler. I was once a pathological over-packer, and have very much enjoyed traveling light. I think Project 333 has made me much more inclined to select basic clothes that work across a lot of settings, but it’s also helped me get more comfortable with wearing the same thing several times in one week. That said, much of my travel of late has been for work. Vacation would require me to plan quite differently, especially if I were headed somewhere with a very different climate from the North Carolina fall and winter!

      One thing I tried earlier this summer was getting much of my vacation wear from a local thrift shop (I was headed to Belize, and wanted really lightweight stuff that would be comfortable in the jungle and at the beach, but I didn’t want to buy all new things, for the sake of my budget and the planet). After the trip, I washed and then re-donated the things I didn’t think I’d wear in my daily life. Hopefully they’re off having new adventures with another thrift shopper these days.

      For travel, no matter where or why I’m going, I pack light, do some handwashing in the hotel sink if I need to (especially tank tops, bras, underwear and leggings), and keep my wardrobe basic. For work, I usually keep at least one dress, two pairs of pants and a skirt or two in the rotation, pair them with basic t shirts and sweaters, and I no longer worry about wearing the same cardigan on Thursday that I wore on Monday. A black (or brown or grey) wrap dress is a great thing to add into the mix, because you can wear it almost anywhere. One pair of black shoes, one pair of brown, and a pair of athletic shoes will carry you a very long way – I’m partial to Mary Jane style shoes and Danskos because they work across so many settings.

      When I first started doing Project 333, I included too many accessories and not enough basic clothes. For fall/winter, one scarf, one hat, and a pair of gloves are all I tend to include these days. I’ve gotten less worried about matching and now just include my favorite items, the ones I wear every day.

      I also think it’s fine to put the project off until you return from vacation. You could experiment instead with packing a bit lighter than usual, and see how it goes! It’s more important to enjoy your vacation and Project 333 than to try to stress out over doing both at once, if you’re not sure you’re ready to try that. Happy travels!

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