2014 Resolutions

I’m home from a pretty epic Christmas vacation! We traveled to Kentucky to see Josh’s family, then to Asheville to spend New Year’s with mine. We partied hearty on New Year’s Eve, too. We stayed in at my cousins’ house, and after the kids went to bed, we grown ups played a board game called Ticket to Ride, and opened the champagne an hour early because we realized it was unlikely we’d manage to stay awake until midnight. ROCK ON. And you know what? It was an absolutely perfect way to ring in the new year, with some of the people I love the most in the world. Josh and I made some pretty radical resolutions for 2014:

Resolution one: I’m trying the vegan whole foods thing at home. By at home, I mean that I’m going to stick with vegetarian when we’re out on the town or at someone’s home (you’re welcome, Mom and Dad). This is because I lack commitment, and because cheese, people. Cheese. I’m not ready to give it up forever, but I’ve at least parted ways with cheddar and gruyere at home. I’m four days in to the vegan way of life and I LOVE IT. Kale is my new best friend. We were already good buddies, but now? Besties forevs. Josh thought about joining my vegan endeavors, but he has allergies to tree nuts and soy, and I think it would be harder for him to get enough protein with those dietary restrictions, so he’s sticking with vegetarianism at home. Which means there’s still cheese in my house…le sigh. So far I’ve retained the courage of my convictions, but I freely confess that along with a lot of feeling great and happy with my decision, there’s definitely a little bit of withdrawal. And groaking. Do you guys know about groaking? Best word ever, and I’m officially voting we bring it back:

Groaking defined

image from mangabottle.tumblr.com

That dog looks a great deal like my childhood dog, and he’s making pretty much the exact face I make while Josh eats things with butter or cheese. But I feel so much better on a plant based diet that other than a mishap in which I used real butter instead of smartbalance (yes, it was delicious) I haven’t felt the real urge to cheat. The “whole foods” part of this has been harder than the vegan part. I miss soda a bit, and peanut butter. I don’t mean the grind-it-yourself-from-just-peanuts butter. I mean the store bought, creamy, sugary kind. I’ve said I would stick with a whole foods vegan diet for at least a month, and then see how I feel. So far so good!

Resolution 2: We joined the YMCA! Okay, this one’s not such a radical lifestyle change. Chapel Hill/Carrboro has the nicest YMCA ever (it has a sauna, y’all. And racquetball courts!). Although as a grad student I’m entitled to use the university gym, Josh graduated, and he’s my favorite workout buddy. Also, the Y is great because I’m more into working out with old people and children, rather than extra perky 19 year olds in yoga pants (it’s bad for my self esteem) or big bulky dudes (too intimidating). So on our first day home from holiday traveling, we joined the Y, and for now, I’m going every other day. Also, I hurt all over. In a good way. I get a lot of aerobic exercise from biking everywhere in my daily life, but I’ve come to the realization that 30 is a really good time to sign up for some yoga classes (flexibility, unlike strength or stamina, is something you can maintain across your entire lifespan!) and to make friends with the weight machines (because biking really doesn’t do much for upper body strength…) If you’re looking for a gym, I highly recommend the Y. They’re a nonprofit, which means they do good in the community and you don’t have to worry about sketchy fees from cancelling your membership. Also, they really are a community space. The crowd I work out with is a LOT more diverse (in terms of age, SES, race, you name it…) than the crowd at some of the gyms in town.

I’m going to have to rethink my Project 333 wardrobe in light of my new gym membership! So much change, in this bright and promising new year. I know it’s totally cliche to make fitness resolutions, and I should probably be more realistic anyway, but here goes nothing. I’ve got this one body, for the rest of my life, and I figure I ought to take care of it.

for extra fun, I made Resolution Three: This is really really the year I’m going to learn the ukulele! This one might look familiar, since I made it last year. In 2013 I managed to acquire a ukulele, at least…and learned two chords. Here’s to at least two more in 2014!


5 thoughts on “2014 Resolutions

  1. Good luck with all your resolutions! I’m vegan (cheese was the last thing I gave up – there are actually some nice vegan ones out there now & not all soy- or nut-based, eg rice), do yoga & play the uke, so they are deffo good choices :) !
    I’ve been teaching myself uke for a couple of years & it’s such a fun instrument to learn. I’ve even ended up becoming webmaster for our local group (check out my signature block for the site – we’ve loads of articles to links with free tips, lessons for beginners, uke resources, songbooks etc).
    Happy strumming, scoffing & sun salutations!

  2. Hi Caroline, We have tickets to Jake Shimabakuru who is playing at the Music Farm in February. Check him out on YouTube. He is fantastic.

    • I know of him – he’s amazing! I thought you or Dad would be the first to comment on this post, but I thought for sure it would be about the vegan thing. (Tell him I said no M&Ms and no regrets – so far, so good!)

    • Aren’t we all? On an entirely unrelated note, I HATE that we left town without saying goodbye to you guys – we rushed home on the first because Jen was moving in (and I was desperate to clean up a bit first, after leaving the cats to throw what appears to have been a ten day rager in our house while we were gone!) See you next trip?!

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