Quiet, snowy days

It has been quiet here. Snowy. Our part of North Carolina received an unprecedented half-foot of snow today, which was lovely and deep and made for a perfect afternoon of snow gazing and hot chocolate sipping. Except, of course, for the part where our housemate Jen was trapped on the interstate, trying to make her way home for four hours. That is life’s tension: we celebrate the good even as we realize that others are suffering or afraid. Jen had a scary long drive today, on slippery roads, and we are so grateful that she made it home safe.

After Jen finally made it in the door, we all went out for Chinese food (the only open restaurant in Carrboro! And so delicious) and drank some more hot chocolate, and stayed up too late watching a movie. I made some awkward snow angels (I’m out of practice). It was a good day, and a quiet one – a day that reminds me to be grateful just to be warm and happy and surrounded by the people I love.

In related news, it was the pup’s first big snowfall, and he’s in LOVE. Total snow monster, bounding gleefully through the snow banks, frolicking and eating as much snow as he could. This from our lazy couch dog, who usually sits out the cold days in protest, refusing to even go outside until after noon. Just goes to show: even pups can surprise you.

Be safe, all of you facing winter weather. And let us give thanks for the simple things – warmth and a full belly, and safety, and an evening at home with your nearest and dearest. 


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