Currently (August edition)


Loving| These rules on writing well, from Zadie Smith

Working| On my dissertation proposal. One more week before it’s due!

Baking| This strawberry rhubarb pie, which tastes of summer and was so simple to bake!

Hoping| to make a trip here before the weather turns cold (my favorite hike is Black Balsam Knob up through Shining Rock). Bonus points if there are still wild blueberries when we make the trip!

Wearing| these favorite sandals, every single day (mine are two-tone, and no longer for sale)

Weathering| another round of job interviews. So grateful for the opportunities, but so stressful all the same! Almost done. 

De-stressing| With this new favorite (honey lavender!) tea. I got it at our local grocer, and it’s THE BEST. 

Waiting| for Josh to come home from another trip to Asheville. Wish I could have gone with him!

Listening| to the Magnetic Fields, as ever. The Book of Love in particular. One of my favorite love songs of all time. 

Reading| Adhaf Soueif’s gorgeous novel, The Map of Love. I’m sensing a theme here. Set in Egypt, a set of nested love stories, it was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize. I recommend, even though I haven’t finished it yet. The ending with this one feels sort of inevitable. 

Happy Friday, friends. Enjoy it!


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