Waiting for Snow


Made My Day: New Boots!

We are waiting for snow today, which in a word means that I am HAPPY. Snow days are my favorite days. And I am wearing my new boots, and a favorite hat. You know how I’m always saying that stuff won’t make you happy? That’s mostly true. The corollary to that is, when you own less stuff, you really appreciate the stuff you do have. These were a belated Christmas gift of sorts, from none other than my sweet husband. I kind of love them. A lot. I said “what will I wear them with?” and he said “what wouldn’t you wear them with?!” and I couldn’t decide whether to be insulted or flattered. It’s true either way – I will wear them with everything. I. own. forever. The first thing I did was wear them on a walk with Josh and the pup, which is why the pup is in the picture. Well…half of him, anyway. I have determined that the boots are super comfortable. (Arlo refuses to pose for pictures. Sorry. He just kept showing the camera his tail).

Here lately: Winter photos

Ah, January. It may chill the bones, but I do love winter. I love the holidays, the long lazy break from school (okay, it wasn’t lazy this year. But generally…) and getting to see our families. I LOVE Christmas. I enjoy a good winter meal, with roast vegetables and fresh baked bread at the top of my list. I always have fun with my resolutions. And since we’ve been having so much fun, I thought I’d share a few favorite moments from the past month or so:

fun with foam swords and giant blocks

Oh, don’t you just love his face? And his hat?!

Block fort

Building a block fort! Time in Asheville (and Charleston and Raleigh) with our families was the best part of December and early January.

the beginnings of a winter sunset in the mountains

brotherly love

Riding in style. Check out those shades!

post-nap snuggles

waking up is hard to do.

Josh at golden hour

my favorite photo of my favorite person – the golden hour light was so perfect on this afternoon. I wished for a better camera than my iPhone, but you work with what you’ve got, right? I still think it turned out pretty well!

me on skates!

Let’s pretend that this photo is blurry because I was skating by so fast, shall we? It might be grainy and blurry, but it’s also a moment of absolute joy. I had been wanting to go ice skating all winter, and when we finally did, it was with some favorite friends, at an outdoor rink at night with white twinkly lights all around us. We drank hot cocoa. I fell down a lot. Then we went to a late night diner and ate pie. It was a magical evening.

These were the Christmas lights surrounding the outdoor skating rink. How perfect are they? White twinkle lights on cold nights are the best.

the Christmas camel

Why, yes. Yes, that is a camel at a crosswalk. A camel made up of two people in a giant costume. I have no explanation, except that it was Christmas in Charleston. I think he escaped from his post beside the manger, personally. I do like that he’s not jaywalking.

into the valley of Hall...

Look how tickled my dad is at his Christmas gift! I cross stitched my parents an (amended) version of my grandma’s favorite poem. As in, the one she’s been reciting at the dinner table for many many many years. It’s the Song of the Chatahoochee, by Sidney Lanier, late of the great state of Virginia. It begins with “Out of the hills of Habersham, down the Valleys of Hall…” so I stitched my parents an “I love you from the hills of Habersham to the valley of Hall.” I think it was a hit. Also, the portrait on the wall behind him? That’s yours truly at the ripe old age of two, as painted by my Pop Pop.

Christmas 2012

Family dinner. Aren’t they a handsome bunch?

One of the many things I love about the lake behind my parents’ house is that in December, the neighbors set little lighted Christmas trees on each of their docks. They’re so lovely to look at in the evenings. Very coastal.

sunset over (and in) the lake, with one of the dock trees all lit up, and Josh and Arlo by the lake shore. How I love this view.

The best sunset of our trip

one more, because it really was that good

finally, I leave you with this family gem. Mr. I-don’t-like-puppies, clearly hating all over the baby dachshund my aunt and uncle got for Christmas. LOOK how much he dislikes puppies. I call your bluff, sir, because this is just plain adorable.