7 Day Vegan: trying a plant based diet on for size

Last week, I ran across the 7 Day Vegan website, which challenges participants to try a plant based diet out for 7 consecutive days. This is serendipitous, because it’s something I’ve been trying out lately, for many of the same reasons listed on the 7 Day Vegan website – for the sake of the planet, for my own health, and because I’m deeply skeptical of the state of conventional agriculture in my country. I have concerns about what farming-as-usual is doing to the water supply, soil quality, and to animals – and to our bodies.

Additionally, I live with a lot of joint pain – enough that I take a fair bit of ibuprofen and request frequent rides to school because my knees hurt too much to walk up our hill to the bus stop. There are many, many anecdotal accounts of people whose joint pain resolved with a vegan diet, so I thought that I’d try it for 7 days and see if it works. (Spoiler alert: it totally does). So…I’ve done one 7 day stretch eating a vegan diet, and am about to start another. I’m going to write a few posts about plant based meals, whole protein, and the experience of it, with some links to resources that I’ve found helpful.

I don’t know that I’ll ever commit to a fully vegan diet, but I am very ready to commit to eating more plant based meals, without animal protein, because I have never felt better in my adult life. Try it with me and see for yourself!

Side note: I also cut out all refined sugar, artificial sweeteners and preservatives – I was eating a whole foods based diet, with all of my meals cooked from scratch. I think that’s what made the difference with my joint pain! It did take a fair bit of effort for the first few days, both in resisting cravings for things like cheese pizza, and in planning and preparing meals, but it got easier very quickly. I liked it so much that I’m going to try it again, starting right now!