Dreaming of Spring: Upcycled Gardening

There are daffodils everywhere along the trail I walk with the pup. I saw them this morning, ready to bloom, looking confused but happy in the sunshine. No one has told them that it’s February 3rd. The weather has been weird, and they think it’s spring. It does feel like spring, the sky blue and the weather balmy. I think I’m going to wait on the garden plans, though. In the meantime…I’m enjoying looking at sustainable gardening posts on other blogs. Here’s a round up of my favorites:

1. Gutter gardening seems sort of perfect for my townhouse lifestyle – I have a tiny back deck and am always looking for container gardening tips and ideas so that my little garden can grow up and not out. The site even has a helpful how-to, and a list of plants and vegetables that will grow well in this!

2. The cinder block garden from Apartment Therapy; another upcycled project. Who knew cinder blocks could look so cool?! I think it would be a heavy and unpleasant task finding this many cinder blocks and bringing them home, but then I think about how amazing they would look on our front enclosure, with shade plants in them.

The Modern DIY Succulent Garden, from Apartment Therapy

Bonus: here’s another one with a puppy! I’m tempted to show it to Arlo so that he, too, can daydream about a cinder block garden, and how adorable he would look napping in front of it:

Annette’s Modern DIY Garden, also from Apartment Therapy

3. Help your neighborhood birds build glorious nests. I think this idea is my favorite, because it’s so simple, and because she went to the trouble of double checking this idea with the Cornell Ornithology Department and the Audubon Society to make sure it was safe for the birds. Talk about going the extra mile! So this is the idea I’ll leave you with – what are you looking forward to about the springtime?

Birds Nest Yarn Hanger How-To from http://www.fiberfarm.com